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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a residential or commercial property claim?
A residential or commercial property claim represents any damage that strikes your residence or company and is insured with your insurance coverage.
For Instance: water damage, fire damage smoke damage, broken, blocked  pipes and lines, burglary or vandalism, hail damage, wind damage, vehicle structural damage and tree damage.  Usually when damages happen to a  house or a business, the property owner or company owner would contact their insurance provider, just like drivers will do when an accident occurs. Their insurance provider would produce a damage claim and engage a claims adjuster to assess the extent of the damage done to a home, property or business.


In case of a loss, what actions should you take?

Immediately report the loss to the your Insurance  representative or broker straight to your  insurance provider or  insurer. Quickly thereafter, acquire the services of a public insurance adjuster to look out for you and your interest.

Why Hire Us?

We handle the whole process of your claim and fight for every dollar. We work exclusively on behalf of the policyholder to ensure that they are owed the maximum settlement possible under their property insurance policy. Honesty, Integrity, and Friendliness is what we aim to be. On average, we get more than double the initial amount the insurer offers to cover damages. We provide our services to both residential and commercial structures. There is no job too big nor too small with us, that's because we truly are along your side during what can be a stressful time. With hiring us, your claim is our top priority…. Efficiency, speed and expertise are some ways we display professionalism within our industry.

Are Public Adjusters connected with insurance companies?

No. They are employed exclusively by you – the policyholder- not by an insurance company. The Public Adjusters EXCLUSIVE responsibility is to protect YOU and YOUR insured interests in an Insurance claim(s) against a loss with the Insurance Company.

What Is A Public Insurance Adjusters Job Description?

The public adjuster’s duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Examine your current insurance policy and make an assessment of what coverage is fitting and
    appropriate to your claim.

  • Conduct extensive research, document, verify and authenticate ANY damage to
    property/buildings, its contents and any other additional expenses that support the claim on behalf of the insured.

  • Determine the cost of business interruption losses.

  • Calculate and prepare estimates for settling covered damages

  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf

  • Re-open a claim and negotiate for more money should a discrepancy be discovered EVEN AFTER the claim has been settled.

Do You Speed the Process of Settlement?

In this industry, setting time expectations is never a good idea. You will never see us use bait tactics to sell you into working with us. We do know tricks the insurance company uses in order to delay claims, which they do very often. We settle claims as fast as possible and will never waste unnecessary time with wrapping up your claim. we know you its your biggest priority to move back into your home or business.

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